The story

It was a cold day in Faribault, Minnesota where my high school hockey team had travelled to play a game. My body was warm because of the team issued winter jackets and pants but I couldn’t say the same about my feet. We travelled back to Toronto, Canada where my high school was located and I kept facing the same problem as I walked around my boarding house. I missed the good old Finnish hand made socks that my grandma used to give me for Christmas, and that I, as a teenager didn’t appreciate at the time. I gave my mom a quick call, saying that I still hadn’t done laundry but also that I needed my feet to be warm. So I asked her to customize me a pair of socks, and as a bigger hockey fan than I was, it took her no time to come up with the style. She put laces on the socks. As I “skated” around my boarding house, the socks quickly received a lot of awareness from my peers and my teachers and that was the start of XLace, the home of the Nightskates.”                                                                                                                                                                                                  -Emil Hiiri